"We have been using Jillian and Instant Transmission for about a year now. We had noticed a big change in our collections and decided we needed to bring in outside help. We asked Jillian to review our billing and collections for us. After a quick review she was able to diagnose our issues. We were so impressed we hired her to handle our office billing. Our billing and collections are back on track. It is nice to know that she is local, and we can contact her easily with any questions or concerns. She has a wealth of knowledge that helps keep us on track with everything from ICD-10 to correct billing codes. She is a huge benefit to our practice and I highly recommend her and her team."

​~ Dan Walsh, DC Seattle

"I had the good fortune of working with Jillian in the past and was consistently impressed by her capacity for hard work, her intelligence, and her good natured demeanor. When I came to need billing services for my own clinic, I was thrilled to find that Jillian had started her own business doing medical billing. In the few months since I've started working with her company, Instant Transmission Medical Billing Services, I've been happy to find that her personal standards are evident in her company. They have been effective, professional, and incredibly prompt to my concerns. I am happy to say that they understand the constraints on a new business in terms of time and have always made working with them as easy as possible. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for integrity and expertise in a billing company, and in fact I often do!"
~K. Jones, L.Ac. MTCM
"I worked with Jillian Duvall Guthrie-Stoneburner at Advanced Wellness and Rehabilitation Center in Silverdale for three years, she was our Medical Biller/Coding Specialist. The clinic at that time employed; 2-Chiropractors, 2-Acupuncturists and 4-Massage Therapists and were seeing over two hundred patients a week. Jillian assured not only the billing was completed in a timely manner but also met with patients face to face to answer any questions they may have with their account. She contacted insurance companies to clarify their members services available to them as well as dealing with all aspects of the claims process. She is easy to talk to and always had an answer for you, the few times she could not answer your questions she immediately researched it then got back to you promptly.
I currently work part time at Advanced Wellness while keeping my own private practice going. I am to the point now where I need help with my own billing needs and will be employing Jillian to handle them. I will take great comfort in knowing my patients are in very capable hands and their questions will be addressed timely and to their satisfaction. She is a hard working and dedicated professional and will do well in any task she takes on."
~ D. Aiello, D. Ac, EAMP
"This is a great company. They provide dedicated, personal and affordable options to get billing done on time and money into the clinic."
~K. Royal, DC
"I highly recommend Instant Transmission Medical Billing Services.  Jillian has changed my life for the better.  Quality service, attention to detail, timely work, and so lovely to work with!  I can't speak highly enough about this company.  If you need a billing service, choose ITMBS, you will be very happy."

~ M. Cook, LAc, EAMP