Outsourcing Benefits
​What are the benefits to outsourcing your Medical Insurance Billing to Instant Transmission?
The cost that is necessary to run a successful billing office can be extreme. Office supplies, training, maintenance of office equipment can all add up very quickly. Not to mention if you intend to hire a Billing Specialist that has taken the initiative to educate themselves in the changing world of Medical Billing; the hourly cost of their worth may be more than is reasonable for the practice. Our reasonable 8% rate for our outstanding services, makes Instant Transmission the ideal choice for your Medical Billing needs.

What does 8% of collections look like? 

Imagine that a clinic has accrued a total of $30,000.00 for insurance collections and deductibles in a single month.
A full-time, Billing Specialist at $20.00/hr, working 40 hours a week costs roughly $3,200.00 per month. This is not including taxes, paid time off, sick time, vacation, etc.
Our staff of Billing Specialists, working 8 hours/day, 5 days a week at our low 8% rate, would only cost $2,400.00 for that same month.

Accurately submitting claims can be a very time consuming act. When done properly, the claim is thoroughly researched prior to submission to ensure that a clean claim is being submitted. You can save valuable time for your office staff by outsourcing your billing to trained and certified experts that have the time necessary to produce a clean claim, thus reducing denials and increasing monthly collections.
A functional and fully equipped Medical Billing Office can take a significant amount of space. Office equipment such as office chairs, computer terminals, shredders, faxes/printers and bookshelves for coding and billing manuals oftentimes occupy more space than the rooms that patients are treated in. By outsourcing your billing, you can free up that space to utilize as you wish. For smaller practices this may provide an extra treatment room or for medium practices a much needed inventory space.

On shore Billing:
All of our billing services are performed on shore in the United States. We do not send PHI to off shore billing companies. Utilizing off shore billing is in direct violation of Medicare Advantage Contracts.
Peace of Mind:
Our clients can rest at ease knowing that their claims are being handled by certified professionals who are dedicated not only to the timely, submission of their clean claims, but to their satisfaction with all aspects of their outsourced Medical Billing experience.